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“Binbougamiga!” is a TV anime series that was on air from July, 2012 to September, 2012.


The TV anime series originates from a manga that was serialized on “Jump Square” by Yoshiaki Sukeno. The manga series has concluded, and there are a total of 16 volumes out.


The main character, Ichiko Sakura, is a very lucky girl. She has beautiful looks and high athletic skills, she is very smart and rich, and she is very popular from guys. On the other hand, she is hated from girls and has a very high arrogance and pride. One day, a bimbougami (a Japanese god that makes people poor) called Momiji appears in front of her and tells her that she came to suck up her ‘lucky energy.’ Ichiko refuses to give her lucky energy to her. The battle between the two girls start, and in course of it, both of them interact with various people and start to change.

The relationship between Ichiko and Momiji

At the beginning, Ichiko and Momijis are just enemies that hate each other and always battle, but as the story goes on, they turn into frenemies (friends + enemies). Momiji hated everything about Ichiko, and especially, she hated how Ichiko had a large breast (since her small boobs are her inferiority complex). They fight over every little things –  because of that, Ichiko’s house is always messed up and half broken.




Analysis – the reversal in the anime

In animes, heroins like Ichiko (who has everything a girl will want – beauty, wealth, athletic skills, smartness) tends to be drawn as a perfect girl who has a kind personality and has nothing to worry about, but Ichiko has a aggressive personality and has traumas about her parents. Her personality and how she communicates with Momiji creates the comedy aspect in this anime (like the screenshot above). How she develops and grows make the story more interesting.



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