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Fukagawa Edo Museum is a small museum which is full recreation of a 17th-18th century neighborhood with alleys, open houses, workshops and stores, where visitors can really get a feel for what life was like in Edo. Walking around the reconstruction of the Sagacho area of Fukagawa teaches visitors about the importance of stowing away futons, lets visitors in on the details of how commoners earned their living.


Actually last month, me and my friends have been to the museum. Usually people need only 30 mins to 1 hour walking to go through the whole museum. The museum is very small; however, the buildings and the items contained have been painstakingly reproduced from historical documents to illustrate in the most realistic way how the people of Fukagawa and especially the area called Sagacho lived back then. And also theres a rest area where people can sit down and watch videos explaining different perspectives of Fukagawa life such as the one we watched was about Fukagawa dance.


Moreover, visitors can also experience the change of day and night and even season by sounds and lighting effects. For example, while people are walking around the construction, the museum will suddenly turn dark, showing that it turns from morning to night.




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