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How to Call a Geisha

Geisha are not only in Kyoto but in Tokyo too. Previously, in the flower and willow world it was necessary to have an introduction or one couldn’t get into a tea-house. Now you can book from your hotel and Sayuki will make the arrangements for you. Sayuki can work in Kyoto too with Kyoto geisha, or she can arrange for a Chinese-speaking geisha. There are basically two ways to call geisha:

1. Call a geisha out from Fukagawa

You can call Sayuki and other Fukagawa geisha out from Fukagawa to have dinner with you anywhere in Tokyo (as long as it is a nice restaurant suitable for geisha!). This costs 20,000 yen per geisha for the minimum two hour engagement (plus the return taxi fare from Fukagawa). If the geisha come to have dinner with you in a restaurant they don’t: eat so you only need to pay your own dinner costs. If you only have time to have a dinner at your hotel this is a good option. But remember that if you want the geisha to dance and perform for you, you will need to book a room in a Japanese-style restaurant.

2. Come to a tea-house in the geisha district of Fukagawa

You can come to one of the tea-houses in Fukagawa for dinner. This costs an average of around 20,000 yen per customer including everything, but it depends on numbers. For only two customers it might cost a little more; for more than ten it could cost a little less. If you come to Fukagawa you get to see the very beautiful tea-houses and the geisha in their normal environment, and experience the best of Japanese tea-house cuisine. And of course you also get to enjoy the full experience of watching the geisha perform their arts so this is a good option if you have the time.

Sayuki can be called overseas too to do talks or banquets, and if the funding is available, other geisha can come and do banquets too.

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