2020: Australia

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2020: Australia

🇯🇵 GEISHAS COMING IN Australia 👘🍵

Dear Network and friends of the Fukagawa Geishas,

We would like to share with you news about our next trip to Australia !
Four geishas will be visiting Australia from Fukagawa, the oldest geisha district in Japan and the origin where female geisha began. One of them is Sayuki, the first white woman to become a geisha.

We would be really grateful from you to share this post to your contacts that might be interested in :

🌸 Traditional Japanese banquets: at museums, restaurants, private parties, Embassy events,… – a banquet is a dinner with the geisha talking to guests and do a performance halfway through the meal.

🌸 Having a talk from Sayuki about the geisha world with slides and footage. Sayuki is an Oxford University-trained social anthropologist and currently lectures in Geisha Studies at Waseda University.

For more information, Sayuki will answer to you directly and will be happy to share her experience on performing for various publics.

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