Fukagawa Edo Shiryokan

Fukagawa Edo Shiryokan (深川江戸資料館) is an replicated indoor installment of 19th century Edo Shitamachi neighborhoods during late Tokugawa period. This historical replica exhibition depicts the nature of trade centered scene in Fukagawa district through fully-scaled old settlements, merchant stores, and fire watchtowers. The varieties of arrangements installed within the recreation of Edo help visitors guide through the understandings of old Japanese lifestyles and cultures. For the examples of permanent exhibition, the museum holds the famous storehouse wholesaler “Tataya”with the tenants house located near the boathouse “Nagaya.” Along through the exhibition, installments of sound and lighting effect such as cries of roosters or barks of street dogs add additional value to the journey.

From 2017/11/14 to 2018/11/11, special exhibition event called “Era Novel and and Shenzhen (時代小説と深川)” will be presented; exploring the Edo era landscapes and introducing the writer of “Edo novel,” Yukari Fukagawa. However, most events and limited time offered exhibitions are only in Japanese.

The museum itself is located in Tokyo Shirakawa, Koto-ku and entry fees differ for adults and children.




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