Fukagawa Edo Shiryokan

Fukagawa Edo Museum is also known as the Edo Shiryokan. It is found in 1986 in Koto, Japan. It is located near the Kiyosumi Gardens and Fukagawa Fudoson Temple. The museum is reconstruction of a small portion of the Fukagawa District, and the museum shows the area where mainly commoners lived in the early 19th century. So, it shows the Edo period, which the time period is 1603 to 1867.

The museum has replications of towns-cape of Fukagawa Sagacho. Visitors can see fire tower, vegetable shops, and row houses.

It takes about an hour to look around the whole museum in a normal, and in slow pace, it takes about 30 minutes. The museum is closed on the second Monday of every month. The varieties of arrangements installed within the recreation of Edo help visitors guide through the understandings of old Japanese lifestyles and cultures with various events and exhibitions in weekends.

Reference: http://www.japan-trip.jp/area/ginza/fukagawa-edo-museum.html

Fukagawa Edo Shiryokan
Fukagawa Edo Museum

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