Fukagawa hakkei 深川八景 (Eight Views of Fukagawa)

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Fukagawa hakkei 深川八景 (Eight Views of Fukagawa)

This painting is named “Fukagawa hakkei 深川八景 (Eight Views of Fukagawa)”, one of the series of Niken chaya no bosetsu 二軒茶屋ノ暮雪 (Evening Snow at the Niken Tea-house). It was produced in Edo period, 1772(c.), by Katsukawa Shunsho (勝川春章). It is Colour woodblock print. Two tea-house girls entertaining client in winter; view of Hachiman shrine in top section. Inscribed and signed.

Curator’s comments

Two tea-house girls entertain a client in winter. This is one of a series ‘Eight Views of Fukagawa’ showing the riverside district in Edo (Tokyo) celebrated for its unlicensed brothels. The section at the top shows the Hachiman shrine where the tea-house was situated. ‘Lingering Snow’ is one of the themes of the classical Chinese pictorial set of ‘Eight Views of the Xiaoxiang Rivers’. The signature is ‘Painted by Katsukawa Shunsho’.



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