Ooedo Shinsenden 大江戸神仙伝

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Ooedo Shinsenden 大江戸神仙伝

Ooedo Shinsenden, written by Ishikawa Eisuke, is a science fiction novel that was published by the Kodansha Ltd. in 1979 and Kodansha Bunko in 1983. The main character, Hayami Yousuke, suddenly goes back to 1822 to the Edo period while he was at Nihonbashi. He is currently 44 years old, an author and a former researcher at a pharmaceutical industry. At first, he went back accidentally but later on understands how to go back and forth between the two periods.

Two tatsumi geishas appear in this novel. Inakichi, a 16-year old at the start of the book, is a famous man-hater but falls in love with Hayami at first sight. She especially loves the traditional performing arts at a dinner party. Her real name is Haru. The second geisha that appears is Inakichi’s oneesan, Okoma, who took over Hayami’s debt so that Inakichi can become independent. In the Edo period, he acts as Inakichi’s danna, or master, while in the real world he marries someone else.

A movie was created based on this book. Sakae Takita played Hayami Yousuke while Fukako Takako played Inakichi.


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