Basho in Fukagawa

Basho Memorial Outlook Garden

This garden is actually just a very small rooftop garden, where aside from a bronze Bashō statue, you have spectacular views of the Sumida river and Kiyosubashi bridge. It is built at the connection of the small Onagi river and the Sumida river and is an official part of the Basho museum. The location of this small garden is thought to be one of the places where Bashō used to live in Fukagawa. Inside the garden, you have many information panels about Bashō (all in Japanese). You enter the garden through a withered wooden gate and a stone staircase.

Bashō statue and info panels at the outlook garden.

Address: 1-1-3 Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo (see number 4 on the map at the bottom of this article)
Opening hours: 9:15-16:30
Entrance fee: free
Name in Japanese: 芭蕉庵史跡展望庭園 References:

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