Itsushikani ~いつしかに~

Itsushikani ~いつしかに~

There are a lot of kouta which sets at Fukagawa. Most of them sing about Tomioka Hachiman Shrine. Songs like Tatsumi-no-hidariduma and Adanasake-Hachimanmatsuri are in this group. But there are some kouta set at Fukagawa district. I am going to introduce one of them; Itsushikani.

The lyrics are written below.



Although I did not noticed,


En wa fukagawa naresomete 

Our deep relationship started in Fukagawa


Sekeba aitashi 

Even someone made us keep apart


Aeba mata

If we meet again,


Ukina tatsukaya yarisenaya

It might become a scandal, causing dejection


Sorega kukai jyanaikaina

This is the world of suffering, I think,


Tonikaku ukiyowa iroto sake

Since this fleeting and grieving life is made out of love affairs and sake


Ukina tatsutomo mamano kawa

Even if it becomes a scandal, I am ready to date him.


Uita sekai jyanaikaina

I think this is frivolous world.

This song does not have a seasonal words.

In 1855, there was a earthquake and most of the buildings in Yoshiwara burned. Moreover, in 1862, there was a large fire at Yoshiwara and temporary dwellings were built in Fukagawa. The meaning of the Kouta is, a female prostitute liked a man who were just a customer, and their relationship started to go further that the owner of a brothel separated them. Because of this, the woman is sighing over her circumstances. The kanji “深” is used as a meaning of “deep” and name of a place, “Fukagawa.”

Ukina Tatsu means that their relationship will become a rumor in the brothel.

The word “浮世” is referring to 憂き世, which means world of grief and 浮世, which means fleeting world. She decided in this song to date with her love even though it may become a scandal or the owner of the brothel separates them. “Mama no kawa” is a word that people in Edo say when they are desperate. In addition, the word “kawa” connects to the word river.

This song even appears at a play by Nakamura Kichiemon that is called “Hachiman-Matsuri-yomiyano-nigiwai.”


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