Discover intricacies of geisha culture in Muscat

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Discover intricacies of geisha culture in Muscat

Discover intricacies of geisha culture in Muscat

25/03/2019 Lakshmi Kothaneth

Japan’s geisha culture has made the country an intriguing place to visit and after making it to books and movies, the mystery of the geisha will continue to lure tourists to unravel the intricacies of their creation.
Geisha are traditional entertainers specialising in performing Japanese music, dance, song and a variety of instruments including hand drum, shoulder drum and shamisen or Japanese flute. Geisha performers are distinctively characterised by traditional costumes and white makeup.

The Fukagawa Geisha sisters are stopping in Muscat for the “The Footsteps of Geisha” presentation happening on March 25 and 26 from 8 pm and 10 pm at Al Falaj Hotel’s Tokyo Taro. This is an important stop before the sisters continue their tour to European countries.
Making this possible is Sayuki, who was born in Australia and has grown up in Japan. The first foreigner to become a geisha, she was inspired to pursue the study and learning the intricacies of their world after she produced a documentary about them.
Geisha’s world revolves around the seasons explained Sayuki.
“Right now in Japan we would be looking at cherry blossoms. And that would reflect on the kimono, and even the hand held fan which is an important element of the Japanese dance. The tea ceremony is another integral part of the culture,” she explained.
A spokesperson for Al Falaj Muscat said, “We are delighted to host this performance which is a respected Japanese ancient tradition of art, dance and singing. We are happy to host the Fukagawa Geisha sisters from Japan.”
To catch the geisha sisters performance and learn more about the tradition, don’t forget to drop by Af Falaj Hotel for a unique experience.


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