A famous Yakatabune: Fukagawa Fujimi

A famous Yakatabune: Fukagawa Fujimi


Yakatabune (houseboat) is the traditional Japanese boat play, allowing customers to enjoy both sightseeing in Tokyo and Japanese cuisine at the same tune. Yakatabune offered  in FUJIMI is equipped with the latest facility and is comfortable.

Yakatabune is equipped with guest room with tatami and the ceiling. You can enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo and Japanese cuisine such as tempura, sashimi, etc. on the water, different place than usual. Take this opportunity to experience boat play that samurai warriors and geisha girls enjoyed during the Edo period in the 18th century! Fully-equipped with air conditioner, bathroom, viewing deck, etc. We provide Japanese cuisine course dishes featuring steaming-hot tempura and fresh sashimi. Average price is 10,000 yen per person (without tax) including free-flowing drinks. Chartered boat available is for 20 people or more.



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