Geisha Banquet

Geisha holds a banquet. It is having dinner with Geisha at a traditional and beautiful tea house along with performing dances, music, and instruments by Geisha. People can experience real Geisha world by attending a banquet. The banquet takes usually about two hours with dinner such as fresh seasonal ingredients, fish, even with vegetarian options, and meat. Often, one Geisha holds about five customers.

Halfway through the meal the geisha do a performance, usually around half an hour long, with a variety of instruments: shamisen and singing, drum, and flute, and the geisha dance. The music is always different to match the season.

The tea house is decorated with traditional Japan’s culture such as best of Japanese paintings on the wall and pottery, flower arrangements. Customers can get the total Japanese traditional culture at the banquet with Geisha’s accessories, Kimono, entertainments like dancing, singing, and instrumental plays. If possible, Geisha does play drinking games with the customers too.


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