Hojo-In Temple

At Fukagawa 2-chome and near the Kiyosumi Gardens, there is a renowned temple called the Hojo-In Temple. Built in the year of 1629, this temple was originally known as the Kentai-san Hojo-in. However, it is currently known as the Fukagawa Enma-do, which is translated to “The Hall of the King of Hells” in English. Outside, there are statues of guardian spirits. Inside, there are 16 paintings of Paradise and Hell and golden Buddha statues. Moreover, there is a 3.5 meter tall statue of Enma, a Japanese Buddhist God of the Dead. In Buddhism, the first god you meet after you pass away is Enma and he decides whether the next place you go to is either hell or heaven. This god is based of Hindu’s God of the Dead, Yama. This particular statue is, in reality, a 1.5 ton robot. After putting money into one of the numerous pots in front of you, the robot gives a short sermon. Many visit the Enma God to receive his sermon before going to the afterlife.

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