More Specifically About Yakatabune

More Specifically About Yakatabune

“Yakatabune” is basically a traditional Japanese boat. During the 8th and 9th century, aristocrats enjoyed boarding on the yakatabune and during the Edo Period, the height of the boat’s popularity, samurai and merchants enjoyed this event. There were boats that were decorated with precious metals, such as gold. Modern yakatabunes are created with plastic, but still contain traditional parts such as the miyoshi, a bow that extends upwards. Just like how the patterns on the kimonos that the geishas wear are different for each season, the events on the yakatabune are specific to each season as well. In the spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms while in the summer you can see fireworks. During the fall season, you can see autumn leaves while in the winter, you can try nabe!

There is a specific boathouse called “Fukagawa Fujimi”, which was created in the mid-1800s, where you can both enjoy Japanese cuisine and sightseeing on a yakatabune. Current yakatabune are equipped with bathrooms and air conditioners. Usually, the prices range from 10,000 yen for each person. There are different food courses that you can choose from, but generally, tempura and sashimi are offered. Fukagawa Fujimi currently has 8 yakatabunes and according to Yakatabune Fukagawa Fujimi, this boathouse is known as the “largest Yakatabune operater in Tokyo”. Each boat has a specific number of people that are allowed to ride the yakatabune.

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