Rivers in Fukagawa

Although a river named 深川 (Fukagawa) does not exist within the Fukagawa region, the existence of rivers within this area was essential for the geisha community. A kimono industry can thrive with a river nearby, and rivers can provide extra customers; they are a transportation and trade route in which boat travelers and merchants can stop by the town.

In the Fukagawa area, there is a river called the Sendaiborigawa (仙台堀川)that has contributed to the geisha district. 

Photo of Sendaiborigawa

It is called a Sendai River because this river brought in ships that carried rice from Sendai, in the Tohoku region. Sendaiborigawa is connected to a more famous river named Sumidagawa(隅田川), which frequently appears in Fukagawa-related kouta.





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