Sumida River and Yakatabune

Sumida River and Yakatabune

Sumida river, a about 15 mile river, is a river that runs through Tokyo. Sumida River is known as the one of the capital’s most famous waterways. The course starts at Azuma-bashi Bridge passing by Komagata-bashi Bridge, Ryogoku-bashi Bridge, Sumidagawa-ohashi Bridge and finishing at Kachidoki-bashi Bridge. Until around the mid-twentieth century it was the habitat for fish and other aquatic life, and people gathered on its banks for recreation. But as the result of urban development during the rapid-growth years of the 1950s and 1960s, it became polluted and ceased to be an attraction.

Sumida River holds various festivals and events. One of the most famous and the most recommended attraction is the Yakatabune, the unique Japanese-style wooden tour boat. It is also a partying boat. Yakatabune came from the past and was most popular during the Edo period in the 17th and 18th century.

Yakatabune is decorated with Japanese traditional styles such as miyoshi, a a bow that protrudes upward, light, and durable fiber-reinforced plastic. Moreover, the lounge where passenger sits is the lowered tatami-matted floor with tables. n Tokyo alone, there are more than fifty recreational boat companies that operate yakatabune boat tours.

Yakatabune offers delicious meals especially seafood. The cooks and crew members wear the boatmen donning happi (a traditional Japanese short robe) to give the best Japanese traditional looks.


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