Sumida River, Yakatabune, and banquets

Sumida River, Yakatabune, and banquets

Sumida River is one of well-known major landmarks in Tokyo for its famous historic Edo atmosphere. Through line that connects Hinode-Sanbashi and Asakusa, traveling guide will assist on the journey to visit several historic sites near river banks from where the absences of old Edo Tokyo still blends within the modern city. Through the boat cruises service, famous spots and views like Rainbow Bridge, Skytree, and Tokyo Tower can be observed as well as many other leisure spots. In support of sightseeing and exploration of Tokyo through Sumida River, many events such as ‘Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai’ (Sumida River Firework Festival) are held also.

From such several services, Sumida River is mainly famous of ‘Yakatabune;’ the traditional Japanese-style boat equipped with a variety of facilities such as diner, banquet, and performances. Whilst enjoying the atmosphere of Edo, visitors are welcomed with varieties of traditional Japanese cuisine which listed in UNESCO World Heritage. Under the code of Japanese style hospitality tradition ‘omotenashi,’ the Yakatabune tour boat service market have been developed and persisted through several generations.

In ‘Yakatabune’ sailings, passengers explore not only the beauty of Tokyo city but the entertainment points differ based on the seasons also. Hotpot services, passenger interaction community, firework and even flower-viewing activities on the cruise is provided on top of baseline structures of the services.

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