Fukagawa and Geisha Kimono

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Fukagawa and Geisha Kimono

A Picture of Fukagawa Geisha (Tatsumi) from the series contest of present-day beauties, during Edo period (About 1827)
Artist: Utagawa Kunisada

The Kimono is one of the most important attire of geisha. Kimono has changed a lot since the 17th century. The quality of Kimono’s fabric and design represents the characteristics and the taste of the wearer who chooses Kimonos based on the nature of the occasion. This is because Kimono flexibly changes according to wearer’s behaviors and location. For example, when a geisha wears a Kimono indoors, she allows Kimono to trail on the floor. However, when she moves to outside, she grasps the end of Kimono and raise them so that the Kimono does not touches the ground. While high ranking licensed prostitues were wearing ornamented garments called Uchikake, Keisha in Fukagawa usually wore simple decorated Kimonos. (Kimono that has a single-piece garments which designed long and straight. Those can be folded or hung flat)




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