Fukagawa Geisha Kimono

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Fukagawa Geisha Kimono

Also known as the haori geishas, the Fukagawa geishas wore haori over their plain kimonos. These geishas specifically preferred to wear chic colors such as dark blue and gray.
There are two parts that the Fukagawa geishas created and both are related to the obi. The first one is called the “obi-makura” and its roles are to keep the shape of the obi appear neat and give the obi some volume. There are multiple types of obi-makura but the “standard one” is 21 cm in length and 8 cm in height. The second part is called the “obi-age” which is basically a fabric to hide and support the obi-makura. It is typically around 30 cm in width and 170 cm in height.

The Fukagawa geishas also created the “otaiko-musubi” which is currently the most used musubi. It closely resembles a box and is made using an obi-makura. The emergence of the otaiko-musubi is not related to the taiko drum, but rather to Kameido Tenjin Shrine’s Taikobashi bridge. At the opening ceremony of this particular bridge in 1817, these geishas decided to lift their obis higher than usual and held it in place with a string. Although the Fukagawa geishas used this musubi during the Edo period, it wasn’t until the Meiji Period, more specifically at around 1907, that this method spread to all women in general.

Obi Makura (帯枕)

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