Fukagawa Hotels

The above is a map of hotels nearby the Fukagawa region.

The Share Hotels: Lyuro (#1 on map)

The biggest feature of Lyuro is that it is right beside Sumidagawa, which has deep connections with Fukagawa geisha culture. In this hotel, there is a “River Terrace”(かわてらす), which is a multi-purpose area where both guests and non-guests can enjoy the river view while engaging in numerous activities, such as eating, spending quiet time, and enjoying the night view. Also, there are “River View” guest rooms where the Sumidagawa can be seen from the bathroom’s large window.

Toyoko Inn(東横イン門前仲町永代橋)(#2 on map)

Toyoko Inn is a famous business hotel chain within Japan which hotels receive high customer reviews. Rooms are well equipped, from Wi-fi to coin laundry, from refrigerators to breakfast, and even a computer rental service.





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