Fukagawa Tekomai

Fukagawa Tekomai

Within Eto-ku (Current Fukagawa region), Fukagawa tekomai are determined as an Important Intangible Folk Culture Asset of the district. Tekomai are women that walk alongside or in front of the mikoshi during Fukagawa Hachiman Festival once every three years. As in the video above, they can also perform traditional Japanese music on-stage. Tekomai are said to have existed since the Edo period, where they may have originally been people that took the lead in front of a long line of stone and wood carriers.

Like Fukagawa geisha, tekomai dress up in men’s attire; a masculine topknot, a half-wear of long-sleeve hakama, and traditional Japanese waraji sandals. They also hold long, red Japanese lanterns and wear Japanese kasa umbrella hats with a flower design.

When tekomai are in the mikoshi parade, they sing kiyari, which is a labor song for lifting something heavy.





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