Fukagawa Tekomai dance

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Fukagawa Tekomai dance

Tekomai is a dance performed at a festival at Tomioka Hachimangu. As ainaoyama stated in her/his article, Fukagawa Festival – Tomioka Hachimangu and geisha, Tomioka Hachimangu is a shrine in Tokyo which holds Fukagawa festival in mid-August. People dance Tekomai at the main festival than only comes once in three years. The festival and Tekomai started before Edo era.

The origin of the name Tekomai is unknown, however, it is said that the sound might have come from a word “Tekomae,” which means a person standing and commanding in front of a group of people who are carrying woods and stones. The daughters of Shrine Parishners or Ujiko first danced Tekomai, nonetheless, geisha started dancing later on. The local people are dancing Tekomai nowadays. The dancers of Tekomai usually dress up as men. They stand in front of the line of Mikoshi, or a portable shrine, and make a call that sounds like a song.


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