Importance of Kimono

Importance of Kimono

Being the sign of official Geisha, Kimono is very crucial to them. They finally get to wear Kimono after hard, long training to be Geisha. It proves the improvement as a trainee to an official Geisha. Also, kimono is a symbol for Geisha’s professionalism.

Geisha do not wear underwear under Kimono because it disrupts the line of Kimono.  Unlike other normal people see Kimono which looks very beautiful and simple, Kimono, actually, is a complicated with lots of layer. The most intimate layers for the geisha are called hada-juban and the naga-juban. Apprentice geisha have the most elaborate kimono with long sleeves. Their kimono is unsymmetrical. They show more of back-neck side, and the right-hand side of the under-kimono collar shows more of the front side.

Why is Kimono so special for a Geisha? It is because a Geisha wears special kimono. Unlike maiko’s kimono, Geisha’s kimono is less colorful. This is because it is to focus Geisha’s inside, not the outside. They are already beautiful inside to they do not need fancy and colorful on the outside. The geiko’s kimono is usually of a subtle, single color, with a print or pattern towards the bottom. The sleeves are shorter in length and are of a single color, too. Also the pattern of Kimono follows the seasons.

Obi, a long piece of silk tied around a geisha’s waist, is important to kimono. Theobi helps hold the kimono closed and provides further elegance to a geisha’s lines.


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