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Kiyosumi Shirakawa Kimono Rentals – Fukagawa Kimono Salon

If you’re interested in renting a kimono, Fukagawa Kimono Salon is the place you want to go. We’ll set you up in a kimono that’s just right for you. There’s nothing quite like slipping on some attractive Japanese garb and experiencing traditional Japanese culture in Kiyosumi Shirakawa/ Fukagawa, where so much castle town flavor endures. A complimentary tea bowl of matcha green tea awaits every customer to our salon. Just make a reservation through our website. In the vicinity, you’ll find Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, sumo stables, Kiyosumi Tei-en  (a magnificent traditional Japanese strolling garden), The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, stylish shops selling a variety of items and confectioners. After traipsing through the area, you might even tarry a moment at Blue Bottle Coffee. With popular areas such as Ginza, Nihonbashi, the Tokyo Imperial Palace area, Tokyo Skytree, the Ryōgoku district’s Edo-Tokyo Museum are all within 20 minutes by subway, our location can’t be beat. From casual kimono for stylishly strolling about town to formal kimono with their graceful swaying butterfly sleeves, we’ve got you covered. Please see our home page for more details.

Our staff may only be able to communicate in Japanese on the phone.

Address and phone number:

Tsukamoto Building 2F, 2-7-11, Kiyosumi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo, 135-0024



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