Lumber Industry in Fukagawa – Koto City

Lumber Industry in Fukagawa – Koto City

Currently, Koto City where Fukagawa is located is famous for its significant aspects of location with a rich waterfront and lush greenery. Pursuing the ideology of “omotenashi” and promoting preservation of environments, Koto city once was a prospered lumber industry centered location during Edo era. Facing Tokyo Bay with Sumida and Arakawa Rivers, such waterways allowed easier access and transportation of resources. Fukagawa city was known to be a compact of wood resource storage with nearly 40-50,000 feet square-cut timbers during 1850’s. In relation to uniqueness of Japanese architectures and its frequent usage of timbers, lumber industry continued to prosper.

^Fukagawa Lumber Yard by Maeda Masao

Prior to World War II, most of the forests were preserved in protection to erosion and maintain the overall quality of soil. Later, the lumber industry really began to expand during World War II due to increased demand. A surge of increase in population have led to increase in woord demands but through development and expansion of rural areas, several lands dedicated to domestic forests have been deforested. Nowadays, several actions regarding preservations and restorations are taking in place.

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