Where to enjoy Hanami in Fukagawa

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Where to enjoy Hanami in Fukagawa

The best timing to enjoy “hanami,” or to enjoy cherry blossoms, is the “Oedo Fukagawa Sakura Matsuri” (大江戸深川さくらまつり). It is held annually for approximately two weeks from late-March to early-April; in 2017, it was held from March 25 to April 9.

The main focus of this festival is watching cherry blossoms from boats, flowing down rivers. Both wasen(和船)and motor boats are used to go down rivers such as Oyokogawa, Sendaiborigawa and Onagigawa (大横川・仙台掘川・小名木川.

Also on the river are a pair of traditional Japanese music performers called “Shinnai nagashi”(新内流し), so people both on ground and on a boat can enjoy a truly Japanese atmosphere while enjoying cherry blossoms.

Furthermore, night cherry blossoms called “Yozakura”(夜桜)can be enjoyed every day during nighttime, with the riverside being beautifully lit up.

There are also plenty of food and drinks that can be enjoyed during the Oedo Fukagawa Sakura Matsuri, such as yakitori, fried unagi, special Hanami bento, and numerous types of alcohol.

During the Oedo Fukagawa Sakura Matsuri, boat rides, music and food all mix together to create an unforgettable hanami experience.

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