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Fukagawa Geisha History – WW2 to losing the geisha office

In 1868, Meiji Emperor ascended the throne and the shogunate era went to its end. Geisha in Japan entered their Golden Age. In the 1930s, before WW2, is the heyday of the Japan geisha. The number of the geisha arrived around 2 million 5 thousand. However, by this time, Fukagawa had already nearly disappeared as...


Fukagawa Shrines and Temples: Tomioka Hachimangu, Narita Fudoson, others

Fukagawa Fudōson Temple (深川不動尊)was a bit of a mishmash temple which first built in 1703 and is a branch of the Narita-san Shinshō-ji Temple near Tokyo International Airport in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture.   This temple is part of the Chisan group in the Shingon school of Buddhism (one of the major schools of Buddhism in Japan)...


Fukagawa Festival-Tomioka

Fukagawa Matsuri or the Fukagawa Festival(深川祭 Fukagawa Matsuri, formerly 深川八幡祭 Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri), which is held around August 15th, is one of the three great Shinto festivals of Tokyo. The other two are the Kanda Matsuri and Sannō Matsuri.It is one of Tokyo’s biggest summer festivals with 30,000 taking part and half a million watching....


Fukagawa Edo Museum

Fukagawa Edo Museum is a small museum which is full recreation of a 17th-18th century neighborhood with alleys, open houses, workshops and stores, where visitors can really get a feel for what life was like in Edo. Walking around the reconstruction of the Sagacho area of Fukagawa teaches visitors about the importance of stowing away futons, lets visitors in...