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Fukagawa Geisha and Fukagawa Festival

by misarai723 The Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri is considered top three summer festival in Tokyo. The festival is held on August 15th and thirty thousand people participate and half a million people are watching. Every year, more than 50 teams walk the roads of Fukagawa while carrying 2,000-kilogram-mikoshi, or portable shrines. The bystanders throw water to the...

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About Fukagawa

Fukagawa Geisha by xitan Fukagawa is a neighborhood of Tokyo, which was home to a prominent unlicensed prostitution district during the Edo period. In addition to prostitution, the area was known particularly for its haori geisha, also known as tatsumi geisha, geisha who dressed in a masculine mode,[1] and may have been the site of...

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Changes of Fukagawa Districts

Fukagawa is in downtown Tokyo, or Shitamachi. The name comes from a man who was a pioneer at Fukagawa, Fukagawa Yarouuemon, or 深川八郎右衛門. The picture below is a map of Fukagawa in Edo era. Although just viewing this map might be fun, but if you know how to look at this map, it will be...


How Fukagawa Was Primed For Geisha

Fukagawa may have only been a small district in the history of geisha in Tokyo, however there are several historical aspects that make the Fukagawa geisha stand out, such as how the very beginning of female geisha is said to have originated within this districts borders. This major aspect of Geisha history makes it important...

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