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Changes of Fukagawa Districts

Fukagawa is in downtown Tokyo, or Shitamachi. The name comes from a man who was a pioneer at Fukagawa, Fukagawa Yarouuemon, or 深川八郎右衛門. The picture below is a map of Fukagawa in Edo era. Although just viewing this map might be fun, but if you know how to look at this map, it will be...



すみだ川 本調子すみだ川すみだ川 Honsho-Sumida Sumida River 初霜のきて The beginning of the first frost 肌寒く, Chilly, さぎにからすににやとどりかれのに紅葉 Autumn leaves on a chopstick to a crowd タ景色乗合の船じゃ乗合の船じゃえ A ship of Paradise is a ship of passage 二上り新内 悪止めせずとも そこを離せ 明日の月日がないじやなし止めるそなたの心より帰るこの身がマどんなにつらかろう Even if I do not condemn it there will be no monthly days of loneliness stopping. Nobody’s gonna get better...


小唄 -kouta-

忍ぶ恋路 Our Secret love 忍ぶ恋路は Our secret love is さてはかなさよ really transient 今度逢うのが Even meeting together next time is 命がけ as if we are going to risk our life よごす涙の My make-up is smudged お粧も by my tears その顔かくす I am hiding my face by 無理な酒 Irrational amount of sake This is a song about a...