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Sayuki welcomes opportunities to go overseas

Sayuki welcomes opportunities to go overseas to do talks or banquets, especially with her geisha sisters. One way to invite Sayuki to a talk is to raise funding through the Japan Foundation or other funding in your own country. One way banquets overseas have been done is to arrange a venue i.e. by booking out...

10th November 201710th November 2017by

Geisha life – Funds and Games

I wrote about my new trainee Sae. She has proven to be hard working and reliable. She wakes up early to clean the geisha house and to sew the collars that we need to regularly change on our under kimonos. She attended kimono sewing school for a while so has actively taken on the role...

11th January 201611th January 2016by

About Geisha Districts

Every tourist equates Japan with geisha. But most are hazy about where geisha actually are. They might know Kyoto has geisha, but many don’t know that Tokyo does too. Actually there are probably 30 or 40 geisha districts still in Japan, generally defined as being a place where there is a geisha office (kenban) coordinating...

11th January 201611th January 2016by

Life inside the Flower and Willow World

Becoming a geisha In my geisha house I will be taking a new hangyoku (maiko) trainee in this month. What kind of girls become geisha trainees in this day and age? Usually they are girls who are attracted by the Japanese arts: girls who like kimono and who would like to learn Japanese dance. But...

8th January 20168th January 2016by

What do geisha do?

  There are all kinds of misconceptions about what a geisha is and what she does. Geisha are traditional entertainers. “Gei” means “art” in Japanese and literally means “person of art”. We are dancers and musicians, much like opera singers or ballet dancers. Geisha also perform on the big stage. Usually each district has a large performance...

7th January 20167th January 2016by

Sanja Matsuri 2015

Sayuki was a part of in this year’s Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa, she performed the traditional bamboo flute. Sanja Festival is one of the three great Shinto festivals and also considered one of the largest festivals Tokyo

27th May 201527th May 2015by
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